Attilio Baghino   Marco Màsala

A4W is a young and dynamic company
that has inherited the professionalism
of its founders who have been creating
online and offline communication tools
since the early 90's.

Ten years of continuing growth inspired
by precision and intelligence, in close
partnership with our customers to deliver
reliably a range of services.

corporate design
web design
Hoffmann - La Roche
web design
Mediasar - Consorzio TelCal
Sapori di Calabria
software & database design
web design
Sassu & Olivares Foundation
Aligi Sassu
web & software design
Mediasar - Consorzio TelCal
Artigianato artistico calabrese
software & database design

A4W - architects for the web
web development & i-consulting
+39 070 853708
P. IVA 02536710920